Today is the Day

Hello — it seems odd to just say hello — I really want to hug you and say thank you for hanging in there with me — it's been a difficult winter, not just because of the snow and cold, but the sadness that happens when you lose someone. Of course, I'm talking about Vivien — who worked with me for almost 25 years — we shared everything! She died in August of 2014 and it's taken me awhile to accept and do what I know she would want me to do — so this is for you Vivien — A brand new website which I have designed and will maintain. I'm back on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as many of you have seen, and will be starting a new YouTube channel to go along with my new blog, which I'll be posting on once a week. I'm also starting my Linda Dano Collection on eBay! Whew! I even had a conversation with my agent — so who knows maybe some more TV or movie work — I'll let you know.

So — Today is the Day — My love and friendship,