Hats, hats, hats!

HATS — It's easy for me to talk about hats — since I wear a lot of them — small brim, large brim, baseball caps, fedoras, evening hats — well, just about every style there is  and right now — you're saying — I'm NOT a hat person — I look silly in a hat — my family will make fun of me — BUT — you are dismissing great solutions in wearing a hat. The obvious one — 1. You're having a really bad hair day — 2. It can tie together a great look — 3. It saves your face from bad sun rays — Really it's an accessory that can do so much. When Diane keaton said on the Ellen Show — "I hate my hair — that's why I wear hats" — I said, "Me too!". Try it — own it — it will change your life.