Shop Monochrome

Okay — Let's talk shopping! Why do we shop? Have you ever asked yourself that question? God knows we all have enough clothes — so what is it — really??

Is it — this time maybe I'll find that "Whatever" that will make me feel beautiful — younger — thinner — We all want those around us to say "Wow — you look great" — It is possible — and let me just add — it has nothing to do with your age — your weight — your height. It does require a little work on your wardrobe. Here is a secret to all of this that I learned many years ago — I almost always dress in one color. Right now — you're saying "what does that mean?" What I just said — ONE color — all white (or any color) I will look taller — thinner (even in white) There are no broken lines — I don't cut myself off in the middle. One color is striking and planned  — it always works.

I even wear jewelry that is the same — silver only — or gold only — including any trimmings on bags or shoes.

So — go to your closet _ see what you need to give yourself that one color look and then go shopping — (white outfit, white belt?) — and let me know what happens.