Hi — have you noticed all the articles and photos of eyebrows? It seems to be the big focus of this years face. Suddenly, all sorts of products to buy to make our eyebrows more dramatic — the frame our eyes need — the look that Brook Shields made famous. You know what — it works. I went out (of course I did) and bought a few pencils and experimented with darkening my brows — making them fuller and longer — brushing them upward and adding a gloss to keep them that way. I have to say — I look better — it really does frame my eyes — I think it makes my face "pop" and I look a little younger. (Sounds crazy, doesn't it? — It probably is) Let's make this our new mantra — Okay ladies — when we need that shot of confidence — "LET'S PUT ON OUR EYEBROWS!" Wow — don't we look great?!