Spring Update!

Hi Everyone...

Spring is finally back and so am I!! First let me say "thank you" to all of you who missed me and sent messages and even worried about me. SO SWEET! I'm fine, really, I was a little under the weather during Christmas (I didn't make Christmas eve and Christmas dinner - shocking) and when the new year came I was faced with dear friends who had major challenges and some who lost their fight. I realize each day is important — and its up to me, and all of us, to make sure it is — I've always been grateful, but now gratitude is important to feel and acknowledge every single day. I'm not really working (once in a while I go on an audition) but everyday is so busy...doing what? I don't really know, but it feels complete and important. I love all my friends — and you are certainly part of that — your continued concern for me means so much, again — thank you.

Now that it is Spring — I'm (of course) gardening — way too early, I know, but I have my fingers crossed that my plants won't die. I'm so impatient. I'm also going back to my eBay store with new things — hope you'll take a look! Let me say goodbye for now with a photo of a boxwood (from my property) wreath. I made it (so easy) with a wreath form I bought at Michael's, doesn't it look great?!

Happy Spring, everyone!

My Love,