Mother begged us to show all of you our favorite thing to do — you ready?! Mabel and I love to sing. (And, I must say, we are very good at it) We like to sing in the early morning and then a couple of times during the day. I'm usually the one who instigates it but Mabel loves it too.

We finally let mother film us — Hope you like it


Maude & Mabel

Maude's Ball

Mabel told me I could tell you about my green ball. I know we all have our favorite toys — and some are even more important than just a toy — they are a real friend — the thing that makes us feel happy and secure. When my ball was given to me it would squeak, but after a lot of work I finally got rid of that sound and I liked it even more — in fact — I really love my ball. Mabel is such a good sister — she sometimes babysits my ball, but she never plays with it — she know's it's mine — i love her for that!


Spa day!

Hello — for all of you who have to endure the spa (that's what Mom calls it) you'll understand this blog. We HATE the spa!! Mabel even knows when Mom turns left in the center of town that we're headed for the SPA. Mabel starts to shake and then I start to shake (I actually don't know why but I do what Mabel does). When we pull into the spa we try to hide — it's hard to find us but Mom always wins. It's hideous — water, soap, brushing and drying — 2 hrs of it — finally — there's Mom — She's here — She's come for us. Thank GOD. Okay, okay, we look great but we still hate the spa!!

Mabel & Maude